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The Sithlore Quickstart Guide

Welcome to Sithlore! This is a brief introduction designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible without having to wade through pages of rules. One thing I used to hear from Sithlore members is that when they first arrived at the site they were somewhat daunted by the sheer quantity of rules pages we used to have online. This was bad because starting players really don't need to know the vast majority of rules we have. That's why I've created this quickstart guide for new players. You can read the full rules sections after you've roleplayed for at least 10 days and your application has been approved. By then you'll have more board experience and they'll make a bit more sense! Everyone on Sithlore is newbie friendly so don't worry about asking questions or be nervous of getting things wrong.

Ok, firstly I'll explain what Sithlore is like and how you play, then describe the basic rules you should know before starting, and finally explain exactly how you can get started as a player.

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|/ What is Sithlore?
|/ What is roleplaying and how does it work?
|/ Creating a character
|/ The basic rules
|/ OK, I've read all that. Now how do I start to play!?

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